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ADAPTING TO NEW REALITIES"If astronauts want to go on to the moon, there are a lot of risks, such as rockets, landing and surviving on the moon. But if everything is okay and the astronauts come back to earth, the radiation on the moon is the only danger that remains in their body. So we need to understand that," said Wimmer-Schweingruber.DIVERSIFIED ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE PROTECTIONBEIJING, June 25 (Xinhua) -- China hoped that the upcoming G20 summit in Osaka, Japan would send a strong signal of supporting multilateralism and opposing unilateralism, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said here Tuesday.



  • Meanwhile, China has built an Intellectual Property Right (IPR) legal system that conforms to WTO rules and suits its national conditions.
  • BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) -- Youth from China and the United States displayed their innovative projects at the 2019 China-U.S. Young Maker Competition and called for further exchanges and cooperation in innovation.
  • As China's moon exploration progresses, its space experts are considering going deeper into the solar system -- to Mars, asteroids and Jupiter -- as well as a manned lunar mission.
  • "We hope the momentum of dialogue can continue and peace can last," he said.
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping holds a welcome ceremony for Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen before their talks at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, April 8, 2018. (Xinhua/Rao Aimin)



  He cited the research on disaster prevention and mitigation of railway construction in Pakistan, more precise weather forecasts for fishermen in Sri Lanka and the joint efforts to develop new medicine in Uzbekistan.During the worst desertification in the 1980s, more than 100 families had to leave their homes in Jiefangtan Town at the edge of the desert in Dalad Banner.The law has stipulated the toughest punishment to protect the rights and interests of the people, said Yuan Jie with the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC Standing Committee, at a press conference held after the legislative session.


"Hainan's economy is still underdeveloped. The government authorities need to find more ways to convert the ecological advantages into economic wealth," said Wang Yiwu, dean of the Hainan Institute of Modern Management.
In 2013, Old Creek nature reserve, the first privately protected area project in China, was jointly launched by the Paradise Foundation and the government of Pingwu county in China's southwestern Sichuan Province. It covers an area of 110 square kilometers, including the migration corridors for many rare species such as giant pandas. Under a 50-year land trust agreement, the foundation is in charge and pays for the management of the reserve.Card owners' spending on shopping and catering increased 43 percent and nearly 50 percent, respectively, while that for entertainment and cultural activities also surged.
Compared with the 3-million-year evolution of humans, mice and rats can be traced back 55 million years. They survived the Ice Age, countless disasters including volcanic eruptions, floods and earthquakes, while many species that originated before humans died out. They are one of the Earth's oldest existing residents, said Yuan Jing, a researcher of the Institute of Archaeology under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.BEIJING, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) -- China on Monday condemned an attack in the southern Philippines that has left more than 100 people dead or injured.
Statistics from the provincial agricultural department showed that Yunnan produced 136,000 tonnes of coffee beans last year, accounting for more than 95 percent of total production nationwide, with half coming from Pu'er.
Archaeologists have found a bronze rat dating back to 139 to 87 BC in the Maoling Mausoleum in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province. It seems it is trying to devour a fruit with eyes wide open, ears erect, body slightly arched and limbs crawling.
Wu Lei (L) of China celebrates after scoring with his teammate Feng Xiaoting during the CFA Team China International Football Match 2018 between China and Syria in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, Oct. 16, 2018. China won 2-0. (Xinhua/Ji Chunpeng)
"Overall the situation in West Africa and the Sahel region has been stable, but countries are still facing threats such as violent extremists, terrorist groups, cross-border organized crimes and natural disasters," he said.The approval comes as an important step in the opening of China's bank card market, the PBOC said, stressing it will facilitate diversified and differentiated services, foster a level playing field and improve services in the market.


  • ANTALYA, Turkey, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- At the just-concluded third Meeting of Speakers of Eurasian Countries' Parliaments (MSEAP), China urged Asian and European countries to deepen cooperation to seek common development and prosperity.
  • It has staunchly defended the open, transparent, non-discriminatory and rules-based multilateral trading system, actively maintained the authority and effectiveness of the WTO and engaged constructively in consultations on agreements to help liberalize and facilitate global trade and investment, said the report.
  • "Currently, the Chinese government is studying implementing the requests raised by the Sri Lankan government case by case according to the priority," the statement added.
  • A total of 1,366 reports have been generated in the process, according to the NCHA, an important step for compiling a national conservation report in June and formulating a protection plan for the next five years. Enditem
  • With a tonnage of 4,711 tonnes, Kexue is 99.8 meters long and 17.8 meters wide, with a cruising capacity of 15,000 nautical miles.In his opinion, the BRICS Xiamen summit worked to deepen the partnership between BRICS countries, especially regarding economic and trade cooperation.Chinese Ambassador to Romania Jiang Yu said that Chinese martial arts or Wushu has a long history and is widely loved by people all over the world for its spirit of unity between nature and humanity.
  • BEIRUT, March 2 (Xinhua) -- China on Friday delivered emergency food assistance to Lebanon to help support Syrian refugees living there.Prev 1 2 3 4 5 Next
  • Darya Latisheva of Uzbekistan scored 19.29 to take silver, while bronze went to Yuen Ka Ying of Hong Kong, China with 19.27 points.




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      Friday's launch was the 284th by the Long March rocket series.

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      有几个北京ssc开奖结果查询BEIJING, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- China has taken various measures to promote poverty alleviation and social security for the disabled, according to a report published by the Social Sciences Academic Press.

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    Only at the end of the song did the sound of applause and cheering break the intimate ambiance.

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    有几个北京ssc开奖结果查询China plans to immediately bring relevant U.S. practice to the dispute settlement body of the WTO, and is ready to take countermeasures on U.S. products with equal force and scale that will be published in the coming days.

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    With a city-wide mandatory garbage sorting system starting in May, Beijing is pushing forward waste sorting in residential communities step by step and aiming at establishing sorting demonstration zones in 90 percent of the sub-districts and townships.

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    有几个北京ssc开奖结果查询China's development has brought opportunities to Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev said, noting that Kazakhstan supports the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, and believes the success is also in line with the interests of Kazakhstan.

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    He noted that the overseas centers have become significant platforms to carry out projects of scientific collaboration, helping to resolve livelihood issues in those countries and regions.

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    有几个北京ssc开奖结果查询Other expenses on pets include sterilization, grooming, vaccines, medical treatment and training.

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      A museum narrator pointed at a 25-gram coupon issued in Shanghai and said it would have allowed its owner to enjoy the luxury of a small dessert.